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"Women empowerment” is a developmental action based on the goal of inclusive growth that we have been doing for two years. For us, Sakhi empowerment means economic, social, legal, political and spiritual empowerment. We strongly believe that women empowerment means empowering India. Leads to a healthy and prosperous society. We are all aware that millions of people around the world and in the country have died prematurely due to the global corona pendemic that started in March 2020. Socio-economic and educational problems have also taken a serious turn. Poor, disadvantaged society like ours, a large section of which is unprotected in the unorganized sector and the livelihood of the working class and small businesses is very poor. Poor students are being deprived of education.

We at Women Empowerment Corporation which is the mother NGO of Sakhi Coop Credit and Supply society, we have developed three tier federal structure to empower the community and handed over community driven model to the citizens by forming Sakhi Mandals(SHG) Sakhi Sanghs(ALF)and Sakhi Mahasanghs(CLF). The community driven model is as under

Economic Empowerment:

Sakhi Co.Op Credit and Supply Society Ltd. Follows a transparent process in its operation. Our detailed standard of procedure(SoP) is as follows:

1) Comprehensive survey:

Before entering any urban or rural areas, Sakhi Co.O. The field staff of Credit & Supply Society Ltd. conducts a comprehensive survey to assess local conditions and operational feasibility. Some of the main factors are as follows:

A) Availability of infrastructure: water, sanitation, drainage, roads, electricity, etc.

B) Social harmony: religion, sects, castes, communal harmony.

C) Economic status: Families below the poverty line, income status, dependence on the lender.

D) Educational status: Literacy, school going children above the age of five, school dropout rate.

E) Health status: chronic illness, maternal mortality, infant mortality, occupational disease.

F) Political Stability Security: Involvement of local social and political leaders to expand the services of local bodies and various government schemes.

2) Project meeting:

After surveying and selecting the relevant areas for management, its vision and target, Poisonous Circle of Poverty, Sakhi Co.O. Credit & Supply Society Ltd. organizes a comprehensive launch meeting to highlight the workings, women empowerment and various topics. After the first and formal launch meeting, Sakhi Co.O. A short launch meeting is organized to explain more closely to Credit and Supply Society Ltd. and it directly appeals to the women who are Sakhi Co.O. Credit and Supply Society Ltd. Wants to connect and get out of the barriers of poverty.

3) Formation of Sakhi Mandal (Joint Liability Group-JLG and Self Help Group-SHG):

After the area selection and launch meeting, the interested women form a group of 10 self-selected women who share the same ideology, have the same or different occupations; They are between 18 and 5 years of age, not from the same family, but very close and are companions of each other, and are willing to serve as guarantors for each other.

4) Compulsory Group Training:

Once a group is formed and the minimum requirements are met, then ‘Compulsory Group Training (CGT)’ begins. The CGT is an 5-days comprehensive program that includes hours of training sessions designed to educate women about the corporation's processes and practices and to establish a culture and discipline of 'Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling' (FLCC). Using innovative, philosophical and participatory teaching methods, Sakhi Co.O. Credit and Supply Society Ltd. The employee introduces financial and non-financial services to the women and explains how the service will be delivered to them sitting at home. In addition, CGT teaches women the importance of collective responsibility, how to choose group leadership, or how to sign their name. During the training period, Sakhi Co.O. Credit and Supply Society Ltd. The employee also collects the complete basic information of each woman to ensure that they are eligible for the program and prepares a note of the basic information for future analysis. On the fifth day, the experienced officers of the institute conduct the Group Recognition Test (GRT) and after successfully passing the examination and completing the Star Financial Transaction, the candidate of the corporation is officially declared as ‘Micro Business Expert (MBA)’.

5) Financial transactions:

Sakhi Co.O. The field staff of Credit & Supply Society Ltd. conducts all financial transactions during the meeting. They regularly collect savings or beneficiary contributions each week and make a habit of lending discipline as well as their credit. They meet regularly and discuss economic, social, educational and other issues. Following their credit discipline and opening a personal and corporate bank account, they are eligible to receive any financial services from the corporation. They use financial services to try to get out of the vicious circle of moneylenders and poverty. Sakhi Mandal meetings are held with strict discipline to maintain the financial environment. Sakhi Mandal meetings are held with strict discipline to maintain the atmosphere of financial literacy and credit counseling (FLCC) developed by the RBI.

6) Social, legal, political and spiritual empowerment:

It is achieved in the form of Sakhi Sangh (Area Level Federation) and Sakhi Mahasangh (City Level Federation). Sakhisangh is a large group of Sakhi Mandals that work with the involvement of civil society at the regional level and their participation is to empower women at the last level for their rights. It is a community-driven movement that works effectively for economic empowerment activities. Each Sakhisangha has a President, Vice President and members who carry out various economic empowerment activities in each area of the ward. Each federation works through various committees. Each committee has a chairman, vice chairman and members who are responsible for specific activities. Members of the various committees meet each month and review the specific work of each committee, particularly in the economic, social, legal, political, and spiritual spheres. Each committee member visits urban local bodies, government financial institutions, banks, collector offices etc. so that Sakhi Co.O. Their problems are solved with the close coordination and supervision of Credit and Supply Society Ltd. The Women's Empowerment Corporation acts as a national resource organization for shaping a community-driven form in the economic, social, legal, political and spiritual spheres.

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